Decompression + Laser

Enjoy a healing spinal decompression session paired with the healing power of cold laser light therapy. The FDA cleared decompression for both lumbar and cervical is achieved all while laying down comfortably. Decompression relieves pressure and increases circulation to the spinal discs which is vital to the healing process. Our laser is a LUMIX class-IV, FDA approved, super-pulsed, high-watt laser. Science confirms these frequencies of light greatly increase mitochondrial activity - upwards of 5,000%.  The laser is therefore useful in the treatment of ANY soft tissue injury and especially effective with acute injuries as it decreases your total heal-time.


*** Please note, this package does NOT include adjustments and is commonly combined for patients using a health insurance that doest NOT cover these services.



  • 10 Paired sessions: $1000

    Regularly priced at $1400 (discounted to $100/visit)

  • 15 Paired sessions: $1350

    Regularly priced at $2100 (discounted to $90/visit)

  • 20 Paired sessions: $1600

    Regularly priced at $2800 (discounted to $80/visit)

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